UAS6-50 Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a Combustion Engine

A professional agricultural aerial vehicle that runs on an internal combustion engine! Thanks to its technical characteristics, the vehicle can compete with small aircraft!

Professional Agricultural Aerial Vehicle

UKRAEROSERVICE Company is engaged in the development, production, sale, and warranty and post- warranty service of UAS6-50G professional unmanned aerial vehicles running on internal combustion engines.

Why the UAS6-50G?

  • No specially prepared pad is required for takeoff and landing
  • Operation does not depend on the height of the plants being sprayed
  • Reduction of spray material consumption, preparation (up to 75%), water (95%), and labor costs
  • A more optimal droplet spectrum
  • The concentration of the preparation in the spray material is 40-50 times higher
  • We do not charge the battery; we work from one place; no additional work space (access points to the field, additional take-off and landing sites) is required
  • A better coverage of the sprayed surface of plants and soil with drops of a smaller diameter is achieved, which ensures higher biological efficiency even with a decrease in the rate of consumption of spray materials
  • High efficiency of labor organization
  • Wider weather range (soil moisture, side wind) for work


  • Spray material tank volume: 50 liters
  • Fuel tank volume: 15 liters
  • Maximum flight time: 120 minutes
  • Performance: 150 ha / per shift (or 20 ha / hour)
  • Capabilities: vertical turbulent flow of more than 20 m / s
  • The vehicle can be used to spray any crops, orchards, vineyards, and forests (due to its vertical turbulent flow of more than 20 m / s)
  • Maximum take-off weight: 150 kg
  • Working width: from 3 to 12 m
  • Fuel type: EURO 92 gasoline
  • Fuel consumption: 0.6 l / ha