UAS-25G Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a Hybrid System

An Innovative Hybrid System (Gasoline + Electricity).

The UAS-25G is equipped with an advanced gasoline engine with a built-in generator technology, which combines the advantages of both fuel and electricity. The hybrid power unit allows the electrical part of the aerial vehicle to operate while completely eliminating the need for recharging the battery. Thanks to the above, the aerial vehicle runs exclusively on gasoline.

The UAS-25G Engine with a Water-Cooling System

The UAS-25G hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle uses an opposed reciprocating water-cooled two-stroke engine. The radiator cooling system of the two-stroke engine is a new round in the innovation of unmanned aerial vehicle development, which adds to reliability and service life of the aerial vehicle.

Unit-type design.

The UAS-25G hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle is designed using a modular body structure. If vulnerable parts such as vehicle lever, the engine, and electrical controls are broken or damaged, they can be quickly disassembled and replaced, which makes subsequent maintenance more convenient and cost- efficient.

Foldable Fuselage Design

The UAS-25G has a vertical foldable design, which is both compact and sturdy. This makes the vehicle convenient for daily transportation and assembly while ensuring at the same time the required structural strength, reducing the footprint of the aerial vehicle, simplifying the complexity of packaging, and saving assembly time for members of the personnel.

Unmanned Hybrid System

High Spray Pressure.


The use of a high-power motor and a 34-inch carbon fiber propeller not only provides the aerial vehicle with more power but also creates a strong vertical turbulent flow. It is thanks to this flow that the spraying becomes more penetrating and even and the effect of the spray material is improved.

Intelligent Route Planning.

The system supports intelligent route planning and interacts with the app that is specifically designed for agricultural use. The app provides for route planning for any terrain and real-time editing and modification of the flight path and calculates the spray area in order to help operators calculate dosage more accurately.

We use durable and reliable materials only

The UAS-25G unmanned aerial vehicle has a long service life and features a durable, waterproof, dustproof, and anti-corrosion housing and low operation costs.

Night Vision Camera

If necessary and at the request of the customer, the software allows installing a night vision camera, which will allow the user to monitor the situation when working at night in the online mode.

Accurate Positioning

The UAS-25G hybrid uses a high-precision navigation and positioning system with a new-generation base station. The dual-antenna technology is more resistant to various kinds of interference and can work stably in difficult conditions (for example: near power lines with a high magnetic field).

Carbon-fiber design

Ease of control and configuration

Live streaming

Accurate positioning

High degree of moisture protection

Sounding density

The Most Advanced Remote Control with a Built-In Screen.

For the UAS-25G, we have used the most advanced remote control with a built-in screen that eliminates interference when using conventional mobile devices and makes work easier and more efficient.

High-Brightness Display Screen

The remote control has a built-in 7.86-inch high-brightness screen with 2K resolution and a maximum brightness of 2,000 cd / m 2 . It is about twice as reliable as conventional mobile devices and is visible in direct sunlight.

HD Image Transfer

The UAS-25G is equipped with a high-definition image transmission system and features a digital image transmission system, a strong anti-interference ability, an effective distance of up to 6 km, and stable and reliable transmission.

UAS-25G Remote Control Configuration System

The optimized Android app for the UAS-25G helps eliminate the clutter of conventional mobile devices for a more efficient and secure operation. The system also supports the installation of other Android applications in order to achieve more image editing and sharing functions.

Dedicated UAS-25G Application.

The application used for drawing up the flight program of the UAS-25G unmanned aerial vehicle is multifunctional and clear and easy to use at the same time. The monitoring platform allows operators to conveniently collect statistics and to exercise supervision, to check the progress of work in real time in the work area, to plan work routes etc.

Obstacle Avoidance Planning

The UAS-25G “Plant Protection in Agriculture” unmanned aerial vehicle supports the function of avoiding obstacles thanks to its accurate positioning system. When the UAS-25G unmanned aerial vehicle encounters a noticeable obstacle, it will automatically bypass it. In the dark, this is made possible thanks to a night vision camera.

Technical Data

Spraying System
  • Diagonal motor base: 1,900 mm
  • Unfolded dimensions: 1,800 mm х 2,070 mm
  • Folded dimensions: 820 mm х 960 mm х 1,050 mm
  • Propeller size: 34 in
  • Empty weight: 34 kg
  • Maximum take-off weight: 60 kg
  • Maximum flight speed: 8 m/s during spraying
  • Operating mode: up to 8 m/s
  • Maximum ceiling: 5,000 m
  • Working environment temperature: from 0 °C to +40 °C
  • Laden flight time: 25 minutes
  • GNSS: Double GPS mode + GLONASS or BDSS + GLONASS
  • Inactive RTK: Vertical: ±0.3 m
  • Active RTK: Vertical: ±10 cm; horizonal: ±10 cm
Aerial Vehicle
  • Volume: 25 l
  • Standard working load: 25 kg
  • Number of sprayers: from 4 to 8 pcs.
  • Spraying width: 3-10 m
  • Droplet size: adjustable by nozzles
  • Frequency range: GPS: L1 / L2 / L5, GLONASS: F1 / F2
  • Beidou: B 1 / B2 / B3 Galileo: E1 / E5
  • Positioning accuracy: 1 cm + 1 line / min (horizontal); 2 cm + 1 line / min (vertical)
  • 1 line per minute: For every 1 km increase, the accuracy will change by 1 mm.
  • Location update rate: 1 Hz, 2 Hz, 5 Hz, 1 Hz, and 20 Hz
  • Differential data transmission format: RTCM 2. X / 3. X
  • Data transmission channel: Bluetooth
  • Communication distance: 2 km
  • Lithium battery: 7.4 V 6,000 mAh 10C Li Po 2S
  • Working environment temperature: from 0 °С to 45 °С
  • Opposed reciprocating two-cylinder gasoline engine
  • Volume: 120 cm 2
  • Rated power: 7.4 kW
  • Output voltage: DC 50V
  • Battery power: 12 W
  • Fuel type (95 gasoline + T2 synthetic oil); ratio: 40: 1
  • Cooling system: Motul 710 etc.
  • Working environment temperature: from -20 °С to +40 °С
  • Capacity: 4,400 mAh
  • Voltage: 45.6 V
  • Battery type: LiHV 12S
Remote Control
  • Effective signal distance: up to 6 km
  • Screen size: 7.86 inches
  • Brightness: 2,000 cd / m 2
  • Screen resolution: 2,048 * 1,536
  • Operating system: Android
  • Working frequency: 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz (dual frequency)
  • Internal memory: RAM: 4 Gb; ROM: 16 Gb
  • Video output interface: HDMI
  • Built-in battery: 7.4 V 9,000 mAh Li Po 2S
  • Memory card support: a 64 Gb micro SD card (maximum)