We at UkrAeroservice Company are a specialized professional team and provide services in the area of introduction of all types of liquid (both organic and chemical) preparations for agriculture using unmanned aerial vehicles designed for the operational spraying of field crops, vineyards, fruit trees, and bushes. Our team offers modern technologies that allow you to spray liquid fertilizers and pesticides where the use of tractors and small aircraft is impossible or ineffective.


Our drones are built on internal combustion engines, weigh in at 85 kg, and feature a carrying capacity of 150 kg and a tank of 50 liters for the spray material. The rotational speed of the propellers is more than 7,000 rps, which creates a vertical turbulent flow of more than 20 m / s and allows the spray material to be delivered to hard-to-reach places (for example, to uniformly process a forest with 6–8-meter trees). Since our drones run on gasoline, this allows them to remain in the air for up to 2 hours, which is the main feature distinguishing them from their electric counterparts. High performance (up to 20 ha / hour), easy logistics, the absence of a runway, work with small farms (with a land bank of 10 ha and more), modern software, and ultra-precise spraying standard at precise coordinates give us a number of advantages over small aircraft in agriculture. Today, we have 10 drones in our fleet, which allows us to treat 1,500 ha per shift. Also, given that UKRAEROSERVICE is the manufacturer of such drones, we are easily able to meet the needs of even large agricultural holdings. All potential partners are welcome!