Field Treatment by Agrodrones

Aero service

We can ensure the treatment of up to 1,000 ha per day regardless of the weather, the time of day, the height of plants, and the terrain features of your field! Combining the above with the absence of temporary furrows and the more efficient use of the preparation will increase the yield and reduce the cost of your products!

UAS6-50 Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a Combustion Engine

A professional agricultural aerial vehicle that runs on an internal combustion engine! Thanks to its technical characteristics, the vehicle can compete with small aircraft!

UAS-25G Industrial Unmanned Aerial Vehicle with a Hybrid System


The most modern agricultural aerial vehicle powered by a hybrid engine with a 7.5 kW power unit

Spray Material Consumption Starts at 3 Liters per 1 Hectare

We Spray Plants of All Heights

No Soil Compaction with Wheels and No Plant Trampling during the Spraying Process

A More Optimal Droplet Size

95% Water Savings When Mixing the Spray Material

Both Sides of Plant Leaves Are Sprayed On

A Wider Weather Range of Operation

Safety When Working with Chemicals

Performance: from 150 ha / shift (or 20 ha / hour) by a single vehicle!

The stock of our company has more than 10 unmanned aerial vehicles!






More efficient


More powerful

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